Thursday, 5 April 2007

Short story: "Mustard"

My short story "Senf" ("Mustard") is featured in the printed 2003 annual of the German online magazine Alien Contact. The complete story can be read here. It's about mutated, city-dwelling doves plotting for world domination by means of a biochemical technology which is based on eating selected types of junk ... actually, it's more about one of these doves who doesn't care for all this political stuff. He's much more interested in revenge ...

Short story: "Legacy of the Great Eater"

My short story "Das Vermächtnis des Großen Essers" ("Legacy of the Great Eater") has been published in the printed 2005 annual of the German online magazine Alien Contact. You can read the complete story online here. It's about a vaguely cyberpunkish near future Berlin where the public transportation system has taken over and the remaining humans try to get by on what they can steal from the self-refilling vending machines. It's mainly about how the technologies of our present and near future might furnish the mythology of future generations. There's also some gender-bending, because it's always fun.

Short story: "Byproducts"

My short story "Abfallprodukte" (which roughly translates to "Byproducts") has been published in the Octobre 2006 issue of the German print magazine phantastisch. I intend to write an English version one day - it's a horror story with sf overtones about a man who awakes one day to find that his inner organs have started abandoning him ... More on the German version on my other blog.

Sunday, 1 April 2007

New reviews on infinityplus

Two new reviews by me have been published on infinityplus:Tricia Sullivan's Double Vision and Justina Robson's Keeping it Real. Thanks again to Keith Brooke for running IP!