Sunday, 21 January 2007

I'm not quite sure ...

... if I'm happy yet with blogspot. However, I've decided that it's time for me to get an English blog, since a lot of my publishing takes place in English these days (despite the strange fact that I seem unable to master some of the most basic concepts of the English language, as opposed to its delicacies ... or, to put it in the words of Gabi Dietze: I have "funny gaps" in my knowledge.)

If you happen to read German, you should have a look at my other blog.

If you want to contact me (I haven't figured out yet how this works at blogsport), you can do so via my other blog as well - right here.

Apart from that, you might want to know what this blog is about - for the time being, mainly sf and fantasy book reviews - which you will find in the links I plan to plant in the sidebar pretty soon. Maybe you'd like me to review your book for sfsite or infinityplus.

Furthermore, it's about Pandora - a German sf/fantasy magazine featuring stories and essays, most of them translated from the English language. So maybe you're an author who'd like some international coverage. Even though being a non-profit project (yet), all of our translaters are professionals, and among our featured authors are Hal Duncan, Tad Williams, Ursula LeGuin, Kelly Link ...

I'll stop the advertisement. I'm not good at it. Just take a look at the website.

There'll also be short ficition, since I've got it into my head that I should at least try to translate some of my stuff into English ... well, we'll see about that.

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