Saturday, 24 February 2007

feels like coming home

About a year ago, I started catching up on all the outstanding TV series from around 2000 - my latest project is Six Feet Under, which I'm loving (strangely enough, I adore practically anything that is about corpses and vaguely funny as well as deeply tragic - for example, Romeros zombie-classics).

Nevertheless, yesterday I decided to start watching the final season of Buffy (which, btw, also has a lot of funniness, tragedy and corpses). I took a long break (about 6 weeks) after finishing season 6 because frankly, I felt emotionally exhausted. It was all just to much. I cried in front of the TV, which occasionally might be OK, but it shouldn't happen every single night.

The beginning of season 7, in contrast, seems quite sober to me ... I've got a theory (" could be witches") that season 7 will be a kind of necessary letdown. It seems to return to the big three (Buffy, Willow, Xander) after all the the turmoil in their lives and frankly, there's little that could happen to them in season 7 to top what happened in season 6 ("Apocalypse? We've all been there"). If it turns out that way, I'll actually be OK with it. I'd like to remember Evil Willow as Buffy's peak performance. I just houp Spike's soul-searching (or, actually, soul-having) won't turn him into an annoying one.

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